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Montag, 03. November 2008 um 17:48 Uhr
Folio Plazza have several new features and function:
  • TPFont Replacement (mambot/plugin)
    A Joomla plugin that allows you to change the standard websafe font types (such as Arial, Verdana, Tahoma etc) to various types of non websafe fonts .
    This plugin will replace your default Joomla Article Title font, Module Title Font or even your article content / module content with any font you want that can be defined easily from the plugin parameter.
    With this plugin, your joomla sites will be more eye catchy and professional.
    No Javascript needed! This plugin is using only PHP and CSS. This plugin will work properly in any browsers, with or without javascript enabled
  • TPFolio Component
    A Joomla Portfolio Slideshow Component that allows you to showcase your portfolios, in a image slideshow format, with mootool transition effect.
    This component is also can be integrated with the TPFont Replacement
  • TPSlideShow
    A Simple mootol image slideshow to showcase your highlight item/image, with or without link enabled
  • TPContact Us
    Default Joomla Contact Us component function inside a module.
  • TPBox 2
    A new version of TPBox, same function, new visuality. This plugin that can be used to display your images, iframe or youtube files.
    You just need to type the TPBox tag, then your media/files will be displayed in a web 2.0 pop up effect.
  • TPMenu v. 2.02
    New TemplatePlazza menu System
  • GZIP loader
    Technique that will deliver your template in a new, faster and effective methods
  • Style Switcher
    Change your template looks in easy way
  • Mootips
    A nice mootools tooltips effect
  • IE6Pngfix
    No more crappy png images on IE6 browser
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